Hear what our patients say about VIK Medical 

We’ve been going to Dr. Vik’s Clinic on Bee Caves Road since it opened many years ago and they have been just super! I highly recommend it.  (J.G.- Westlake location)


Dr. Michael Vik is one in a million. Everyone wants a doctor who will listen, take their health seriously and spend the time to get to know them not just the symptom they are presenting at the moment. The last place I expected to find exactly this is at an Urgent Care facility. After all, aren’t they supposed to patch you up and move on? 
After just a few minutes with Dr. Vik you will realize he has a quality that can’t be taught or trained — he genuinely cares. He cares enough to speak in clear English and make sure you understand what is going on, enough to make sure he follows up with you to see how you are and enough to remember you on your next visit. 
The first time I went to VIK Medical I was new to the area I thought it would be a good stop-gap until I found a permanent doctor. Dr. Vik treated me better than any doctor I have had, my stop gap is now my permanent solution.”
– Alex (Westlake location)


“This is the best medical care in Austin.  Dr Vik and all of his associates are as good as it gets.  Thorough diagnosis, treatment, care. I cannot say enough good about them. “ (D.R.- Yelp review)

I’ve been going to VIK Medical for urgent care (two kids!) for years. They are a model of efficiency. Patient records are all on the computer, and they actually look at them when they see you. Every doctor and nurse I have seen have been friendly, kind and competent. The facilties are always clean. All doctor’s offices could learn from this place.”
– Linda (Westlake location)

When I visited VIK Medical for the first time, I was extremely pleased with the care and service I received. I was ill and did not have a baby sitter, so I was worried about how things would go during my visit, having my kids there. The office was very kid friendly and offered plenty to keep the kiddos occupied. The nurse and doctor that saw me were very helpful and ran tests promptly. They even turned on some cartoons in the examination room for my kids. only regret was that i didn’t go to them sooner!”
– Veronica (Westlake location)

I realize that VIK Medical is an urgent care facility but I have found the doctors here are top notch most specifically Dr. Vic he’s my favorite. They have an x-ray machine and they can do a basic lab work I rarely ever get referred out because they do it all in house. Thank you for being my family doctor for the last seven years I really appreciate everything that VIK Medical does for me. I have sent all my friends and family here and will continue to do so as they provide the best service with a smile!“
– Belle (Westlake location)

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the folks at this facility. I had a BAD cat bite and the care I received for the following 5-6 days (twice a day!) and referral to a hand specialist (that was definitely needed) was beyond special. From the front desk to the nurses to the doctors and anyone else I came in contact with, total professionalism along with a comfortable atmosphere, made my terrible experience bearable. I did not want to go to an emergency room that was 35 minutes away at 7 AM, so I waited for them to open at 8 and they saw me within 15 minutes (only because others made it in before me). Do not hesitate to go here if you need to be seen right away. There IS a need for these places they are professionals.”
– Sue (Lakeway location)

I had my first visit at VIK Medical with my daughter. The front office staff were very courteous and the healthcare providers were thorough in their evaluations. No long lines in the waiting room was an added benefit. We will be going back!”
– J.J. (Lakeway location)

I can’t say enough good things. I was so sick, had to pull my car to the side of the
road. Everyone was kind and concerned, got the right medicine at the right time.
– Riki (Lakeway location)

My family is here on vacation and both my husband and son had to be seen. Excellent service, no waiting and very friendly. I’ve been in a lot of doctor’s offices, both personally and professionally and yours is at the top of my good list.”
– (Lakeway)

I was very impressed with the “whole package”- convenience, cleanliness professionalism and friendly staff.”
– (Lakeway)

I love VIK Medical! Your reputation is growing with your great doctors, identifying serious problems and professionalism. Only positive comments are in the community.” “Madeline Cody is thorough, friendly , reassuring and always right on target. She’s great.”
– (Westlake)

Excellent service provided by the receptionist and Dr. Macfarlane- pleasant and professional. Not from Austin, so apprehensive at first. Better service than when I have had to go for emergency treatment in Houston.”
– (Westlake)

I discovered VIK Medical a few years ago, loved the service, cleanliness and staff. We only go to your offices now and refer anyone and everyone. Dr. Lichtenhan was calm, patient and knowledgeable.”
– (Lakeway)

Best in town! I really depend on this office again and again. I love the PA’s and Dr. Vik is my favorite doctor.”
– (Westlake)

We have has exceptional care from each and every one each time we have been at the clinic. Keep up the amazing patient care.”
– (Lakeway)

I’ve been in five times and will continue to rely on your service.”
– (Westlake)

I appreciate the Lakeway location and the extended hours. Even though there were at least four other patients there at the time I came in, Dr. Goodell gave me her undivided attention. I do not feel she was rushing off to someone else.”
– (Lakeway)

Everyone was so friendly and compassionate. Your receptionists were great.”
– (Westlake)

Dr. Anne Stefani and the staff were outstanding. This was my first time to visit and I felt so comfortable.”
– (Westlake)



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